How To Blend Automated Tech Seamlessly in with Your Interior Design

When you think about making new home automation additions to your living space, there might be some red flags you foresee. What if this new tech doesn’t mesh well with my interior design or furniture?

Why do we so often think technology and style can’t intermix? The great news is that they not only can go together – they can merge perfectly.

In this blog, we’ll go over how lighting control is one smart feature that is sure to enhance every part of your Del Mar, CA home. Read on to see the stylish and practical benefits of this smart system.


Highlight Your Interiors

A great way to enhance your already existing décor is to put a spotlight on them. With a lighting control system, this can easily be done.

Imagine showing a piece of artwork, furniture, or item proudly on display so that it catches the eye immediately when you walk into the room.

Simply dimming the other lights in the room and brightening the ones on certain pieces will create a perfect show for anything you’d like highlighted.

You can create “scenes” with your system as well, so you can change up which items to emphasize from day today.

Check the Room’s Temperature

Lighting temperature is crucial to the feel of a room. You can control every mood in your home with your lighting system.

Create a warmer, relaxing tone in the bedrooms, and a cooler vibe in the downstairs sitting room. A lighter temperature for the kitchen can help boost concentration and efficiency.

It’s all up to you – easily adjust and change the temperatures according to your liking and your desired atmosphere for your space.

Protection of Your Valuables

The same pieces of work you’d like to highlight with your lights can also be susceptible to damage from an intense sunray. You can add motorized shades to your lighting system to help combat this.

Photosensors can detect when the sun is shining too intensely through your windows, and will then automatically lower the shades to protect your interiors.

They can also brighten your lights so you won’t have to once the shades are down and blocking out the natural light.

Decluttered Way of Control

The ability to manage your system doesn’t have to inhibit your interior design either. You can install elegant keypads on the wall, ones that either go with your room’s décor or ones that will go completely unnoticed.

Using a remote or even just your smartphone can create less clutter in your decorations, too. Either way, you can operate your system from one centralized and streamlined source.

Like other smart services, a lighting control system doesn’t have to ruin your beautiful style. Want to learn more about this technology?

Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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