Learn About Hand-Held Remote Control Solutions

No one wants the frustration of trying to find the right remote for each component. We live in a world of smart gadgets and WiFi. Let Coronado Home Theater take that drawer of mixed remotes away and replace it with a one-touch remote control solution. With a Universal Remote or IP control interface in your hands, we will forever change your experience of trying to turn on the TV and wondering if all your components are working!

Hand-Held Remote Controls for Home Automation

Hand-Held Remote controls are the perfect platform for your Home Automation system. Smart home solutions or home automation solutions can give you the ability to control the TV’s, Shades, lighting systems, security camera systems, and even a pool or spa. Smart home control systems can be used on an app from your cell phone, computer, Ipad or any other data-enabled device. This gives you ultimate flexibility and control of your home from anywhere.  If you have questions about home automation and want to take your home’s HVAC, security and entertainment to the next level, make sure to ask about our Home Automation packages, where we design custom remotes or wireless solutions into a full home automation system!

Get Your Hand-Held Remote Consultation in San Diego Today!

Considering a new handheld remote control or automation system, call Coronado Home Theater today! Our team is here for you, and we are willing to accommodate any of your needs or concerns you may have about a new handheld remote or automation solution. Call today to get your questions answered right away!

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