A Look at the Smart Tech That Will Transform Your Home

Imagine a home that can be programmed for your every move and need, simply. Installing home automation in your Coronado, CA house will bring you this life of luxury and comfort, and all with the convenience of using your own smart device to manage it all.  Read on to learn about the three essential smart technologies to include in your home upgrade.


Lighting control

Brighten up your day with whole-home control over your lights.  You can easily set up schedules for your lights to turn on when the sun sets each day, or to slowly illuminate in the mornings as you wake up.  Have your landscape lighting turn on to enhance your curb appeal, while also maintaining security and surveillance of your property.

Controlled lighting can also help you save energy.  Motions sensors can tell when the last person in a room has left, and will then automatically turn off the lights so you or anyone else won’t fret over if they turned them off or not.  You’ll stop wasting energy, and you’ll also see your energy bills lower.




Motorized shades

Similarly to controlled lighting, motorized shades change how much light you allow in your home. Energy-efficient automated shades also give you the option of natural lighting, and the chance to save more energy.

You can lower your shades when the sun’s rays are directly shining through your windows, protecting your furniture and décor, while also preventing solar heat gain.  When you want a peaceful sunlit room to read or relax in, you can press a button or have the shades automatically roll up again.

Watching a film or needing to catch some sleep in the middle of the day becomes so much simpler!  Blackout shades ensure you are enveloped in darkness even if the sun is high in the sky.  With endless shading options, fabrics, and patterns – as well as dual shading, where you can pick two – you are sure to find the shades right for you.


Smart Thermostat

Controlling the weather outside might be impossible, but you can completely manage your home’s own climate.  A smart thermostat will determine what the degrees are outside, and then adjust your inside temperature to maintain a comfortable environment for you and your family.

Plus, by giving your HVAC a break when the thermostat automatically sees fit, you will also keep your energy costs down.  Make your home bearable during the CA heat, or cozier when the weather gets slightly colder – without worrying about insane bills.

These are the essential home automation basics, but we also offer so much more to upgrade your house and daily lifestyle.  For a no-obligation consultation, give us a call at (619) 595-1757 or fill out our quick contact form online.

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