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Energy Efficiency

One clear advantage of commercial automation is the unmatched potential for energy savings, and therefore cost savings. Your thermostat is already “smart” in the sense that it uses a temperature threshold to govern the building’s heating and cooling system. Usually, thermostats can also be programmed with different temperature targets to keep energy usage down during peak hours.

At the most basic level, commercial automation extends that scheduled programmability to lighting, so that you can suit your energy usage to your usual daily schedule. We design with flexible home automation systems, electrical outlets or even individual devices with the ability to automatically power down during hours of the day when they’re not needed. Similar devices like thermostats and sprinkler systems, the scheduling can be further broken down to distinguish between weekends and even seasons of the year, if needed.

Set schedules can be helpful, but many of us keep different hours from day today. Energy costs can be reduced by programming “macros” into your control system and controlling it remotely whenever needed. In other words, you could set up a “Start of Day” event that turns on lights and heating as you’re driving to work, for example, and activate it all with one tap on your smartphone. An opposite “End of Day” event could save you from wasting energy on forgotten lights and appliances once you’ve left for the day

Create A Unique Shopping Environment

For that small retail business in San Diego, CA, we can help you stand out. Especially if you’re competing against bigger companies who might offer wholesale pricing, or just fighting against the growing world of eCommerce. Attracting the right customer is paramount to staying profitable. To make an impact, consider the modern approach that commercial automation offers. Continue reading to discover a few of the tools that technology has to offer you and your customers.


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Digital Signage

Before you can sell anything, you need to get the customer in the door. Dynamic ads that are displayed on digital signs are one tool that can excite potential customers and help bring them through the door.


Digital signs are screens that can display the images or video of your choosing. Control of this signage can be done from a tablet, PC or even a phone. Because they are not static, these screens can display information relevant to the day or even the hour and keep your customers informed of any promotions, new products, or perhaps they simply tell a story.


The vibrant colors and the ability to shift between multiple images creates a truly dynamic advertisement that catches the eye. The by-product of advertising is your storefront is more visibility and receives more foot traffic.

Touchscreen Video Displays

Once your customers are in the door, you want to captivate them and their experience. This requires entertaining multiple customers at once. Some people want to take their time and browse, while others know what they want.


The toughest is shopping online. Interactive video displays allow you to recreate the eCommerce experience for these customers–with the added benefit of the immediate gratification of walking out with the desired item. These interactive touch screens can be installed on the walls or at a help kiosk, where all the products could be digitally displayed. Customers can scroll through your product selection and find out if you have what they want and where it is in the store. If a customer needs a little assistance, your staff can use these interactive catalogs as a sales tool, reviewing the pros and cons of various goods.

Unique Audio

The backbone of your store is audio and can make a huge difference in the shopping environment. That happens by finding the audio stream that fits your store best. A smart commercial audio system can be synced with your favorite streaming service so that you and your staff can select the sound that best represents your store and the time.


Plus, these audio systems are easily controlled via a smartphone or tablet. The result: you and your staff can quickly make adjustments based on the environment. If the storefront is crowded, the noise level could quickly become loud. In this scenario,  open the audio app and adjust the music to maintain a more comfortable volume and keep all your customers engaged.


To learn more about these commercial automation tools and discover others, contact Coronado Home Theater.

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