Would your favorite sports bar have the same vibe if it had poor audio & video accommodations? Without a patio or bar space full of vivid televisions with adequate audio to cut through the chatter of the restaurant or bar, it just wouldn’t be the same. As an alternative experience to enjoying your favorite sporting event live, the demand for high-quality audio and television setups at bars and restaurants have increased in recent years. The Coronado Home Theater team can help you, the bar or restaurant owner or attendee, understand how you can improve the experience for your customers or for yourself!

Proper Commercial Television Sizing: Bar & Restaurant TVs

Standard sizing might make sense for your home. In a restaurant environment, you’ll need a paradigm shift! Your viewers are likely not viewing all from a fixed point, so the dynamics of television sizing in your bar or restaurant can change drastically. It’s best to measure a few metrics or ideas first: the size of the bar, the intended capacity, and the intended viewing angles. With a smaller bar or restaurant, one to a few large televisions over the bar might do the trick. Even then, you’ll want to guarantee that the televisions are staggered in viewing angle as to encompass everyone aiming to catch a glance. In a larger bar or restaurant, alternative solutions might come in to play. You may want to consider smaller televisions for individual booths or large screen televisions hung in widely visible areas. Remember: some of the televisions may end up outside if you’re in the San Diego area like us, so it’s best to consider the proper balance of indoor and outdoor viewing if it applies to your bar or restaurant. The necessity for size and placement is a matter of planning and fine-tuning and not simply picking the right size!

The Coronado Home Theater team has the ability to integrate systems using an iPad or another similar device that can control all of the televisions in your restaurant or bar – allowing you to have full entertainment control without the hassle of a pile of remotes or needing to walk to each television set! Our team can help you install these automation solutions in your bar or restaurant as needed.

Proper Commercial Audio Setups: Restaurant & Bar Audio

The Coronado Home Theater team takes pride in our ability to size and set up the proper restaurant and bar audio systems. Bar & restaurant audio can be precarious to the untrained ear. With plenty of opportunities for phase cancellation, different listening angles and nooks and crannies where sound can get trapped and reflected, good planning is the key to good sound. The best methodology is to find out your bar or restaurant’s average expected attendance and what areas you expect these listeners or viewers to seat in. From that point, Coronado Home Theater can help you design a bar or restaurant audio system which is as big or as small as you need it to be – from full surround sound too simple, single-room setups. As mentioned in the television section of this post, we can also help you entertain your guests by integrating a centrally controlled system via iPad or similar device which streams live audio from televisions or music to different rooms or areas of your bar or restaurant!

Want an Expert Audio & Video Opinion?

The team at Coronado Home Theater can help you find the perfect fit for your bar or restaurant. Being located in San Diego county we offer a wide variety of residential & commercial audio & video services. Get in touch today and we can give you the information that you need to get your business looking and sounding great to your customers!

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