In need of a TV Installation: Set up your TV on a Stand OR Wall Mounted?

Buying a new house or moving and considering installing a TV in your home. You can get some great surround sound speakers or a custom smart device home automation, but there are more decisions than just buying your new TV. How about having your television installed on a wall mount or use a dedicated TV stand placed on furniture? We are pros and can walk you through the variables!

Wall Mounted TV Installation: Wall Mounting

Wall mounting your new TV is a great way to save space. In the modern home, flat TV Installations are the only way to go, it saves space and leaves a really clean look by using a wall mounting bracket. Wall mounting TV’s in your new home will require attaching your TV to a solid wall or structure with a TV mounting bracket. Cable wiring, we use the best materials for TV installations as most cabling is not rated for building safety that’s why we walk you through the process and prepare you if you decide to run TV Installation cables inside the wall. We also offer options in cabling for future devices like a cable box or game console. Electrical cabling for your TV is another option; with TV Installations we can have a new outlet installed behind the television at the same time of Installation so cabling is not exposed for that clean look. As the experts at Coronado Home Theater, we can complete this process from start to finish giving you a clean and functional system!

Custom TV Installation: TV Stands

Who wants a traditional TV stand when you can mount a TV on the wall saving space and making a room look or feel modern and new. This may not be the cheapest option for those on a tight budget, but if you intend to keep your home for any amount of time TV installations will save space and help with aesthetics. The Standard TV stand is recommended if you rent or like to reorganize your home frequently, either way, we have an option for you!

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