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Strong Home Networks Start with Wiring

If you’re a builder in Coronado, CA or San Diego county area, then you’re probably facing a lot of competition. Of course, exceptional engineering and home design will help you stand out from the crowd, but consider taking things one step further. The modern home buyer wants to know that their property is prepared for the latest technologies–which includes a lot of wireless devices. Developing a robust wireless home networking system begins with the wiring. Continue reading to learn more about pre-wiring new constructions for a better connection.

Networking Basics

A reliable home network is no longer a luxury but a necessity. With so many wireless technology options, people working remotely, and streaming video and audio options, homeowners expect to be able to have swift access to the digital world in their homes. A strong network is essential for a reliable home automation system, where so many of the technologies rely on a wireless connection.

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 Here are a few important pieces of equipment that help homeowners achieve a more powerful wireless connection:

  • Router: A router connects directly to the internet cable and transmits a wireless signal that can be picked up by all the homeowner’s devices. Finding a good router is key to a robust Wi-Fi system. It should have dual-band capabilities, meaning it can switch between two frequencies if one is backed up.
  • Access Points: For larger homes or spaces with architectural barriers that block the signal, one spot transmitting the Wi-Fi signal is probably not enough. Utilizing access points can help homeowners extend their signal to more areas–even outside.
  • Network Security: While not a piece of equipment per se, a strong network is a secure one. Taking the time to safeguard a connection ensures Wi-Fi success for the homeowner.

While this may all seem simple, each residence requires a unique home networking plan. Partnering with a network professional will help you focus on your work while ensuring that the necessary conditions for robust Wi-Fi are present.

Wiring Basics

A wireless system relies on wiring. The router that transmits the wireless signal that reaches the receptor in-home devices is attached to an incoming cable. The location of the router is particularly important; it should be centralized in the house. The further the router is from the devices it’s transmitting to, the worse the connection will be.

Also, individual devices might require a more direct connection–for instance, any device that is utilizing streaming 4K picture. CAT 5e or CAT 6 cables be included in spaces–like media rooms, home theaters, or even bedrooms–that are likely to house these electronics to ensure reliable picture quality. Even if homeowners don’t currently have these devices, they will appreciate that their home is prepared for when they do.

The Value of Precise Documentation

When you’re in the midst of a construction project, there is little room for error. Any challenges could mean lost money and months of lost time. A professional pre-wire contractor like Coronado Home Theater can provide clear documentation that lays out precisely what needs to be behind each wall. Not only will this be immensely helpful during construction, but homeowners will appreciate this knowledge when they are considering a purchase.

If you want your homes to stand out from the crowd, consider partnering with a home networking expert like CHT. Contact us today to go over some of your latest projects.

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