Giving Homeowners Top-Notch Home Audio Video



Listening to the latest hit single or finishing up a long movie shouldn’t be limited to only one part of the house.  Every corner of a home should benefit from an integrated audio-video system.

Homeowners are looking for a luxurious way to enjoy their living space, and a home audio-video system would be the perfect addition to any Solana Beach, CA place.

But where do you start with bringing this type of service to your clients?  We’ve got a great rundown on the AV essentials, and how they can give your homeowners the entertainment of their dreams.




Listen and Watch in Any Room



There’s nothing better than listening to your favorite artist’s latest album as you go about your day.  By installing an integrated audio-video system, homeowners can enjoy their tunes no matter where their daily tasks and activities take them throughout the house.

The same goes for binge-watching TV shows or movies all day.  Dividing walls and various rooms now don’t have to stop homeowners from listening or watching media in every corner of their house.

The centralized AV system is easy to manage – they can control it all from one source.  Whether by using a smartphone, tablet, or any other smart device, your clients can change the channel, browse their media selection, and turn up the volume from anywhere in the home.

If they’re doing laundry in one room, and want to finish listening to a playlist as they run an errand in another room, there’s no need to pause the playlist.



Start Before Construction



The best time to get an AV installation started is before construction on a home begins or is in its early phases.

This way, you as a builder or architect can go in and survey exactly where everything can be installed.  Wiring and pre-wiring are easiest when the home structure isn’t already in place, and you don’t have to work around other built-in obstacles.

It’s ideal to let your clients know straight away that if they are new homeowners, now is the best time to make the big installations.

A home audio-video system is a great service to give your clients and one that will entertain and impress every time.  Want to learn more about this smart technology?  Give us a call or fill out our quick contact form online.

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