As a proud provider of Home Theater services to the San Diego region, Coronado Home Theater is here to help you understand the benefits of picking the proper home theater system down to the components that drive the sound and emotion that you want to experience. With countless options available on the market, it’s best to find out what best types of speakers are right for your system before even deciding on brands or technical specifications.

Pre-matched Surround Sound Speakers

Many packaged or pre-matched surround sound speaker sets exist. These sets are packaged as a complete 5.1 surround set (or more in some cases) and can be found at many big-box retailers. While there are some higher quality options available with these sets, the majority of these setups are limited to what the manufacturer provides within the box to an extent and may not provide the truly custom solution that you’re looking for. Some of the benefits of pre-matched speakers might include wireless surround modules or Bluetooth integration into your surround sound system but at the cost of customization.

Custom Surround Sound Systems

Outside of the pre-matched surround system systems available on the market, there are many individual speakers, receivers and powered or passive subwoofers available. These Custom systems can help you tailor the surround sound system that your home may need to power your home theater. These systems exist of a few main components:

  • A receiver with the capacity to power a multitude of channels or Dolby Atmos (from 5.1 to 9.2)
  • Front Left & Front Right Speakers
  • Center Channel Speaker
  • Mid or Rear Surround Speakers
  • One or Two Powered or Passive Subwoofers

Let’s cover some of the different choices between the front left & front right speakers.

Bookshelf Home Theater Speakers

Bookshelf speakers are commonly used for front left & right channel speakers in a home surround sound setup. They have the advantage of being shorter and stout which can allow them to be placed on either an entertainment center, thus the bookshelf designation, or potentially wall mounted dependent on your setup. There are a wide range of available bookshelf speakers. When compared to floor-standing or tower speakers, there are some disadvantages in terms of availability for space to mount multiple drivers and sometimes the frequency response range could be limited depending on the design due to this.

Tower or Floor-standing Home Theater Speakers

Tower speakers are commonly used for the front left & front right channels of your home theater surround sound system. These speakers are amazing as they sound: tower speakers which stand directly on the floor. There are some inherent advantages to this system: larger packaging allows for more speaker drivers per tower in some cases and better floor contact can lead to better bass transfer through contact. The inherent drawback is that these speakers can occupy a larger part of the room due to the fact that they need to use floor space. Oftentimes, home theater tower speakers can pair best with large television for the biggest viewing impact.

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