For many people in temperate climates like our own Southern California coastal region, the luxury of an outdoor home theater space is not out of the question! By utilizing weatherproof audio & video equipment, the experts at Coronado Home Theater can help you transform your backyard into the ultimate area for entertaining guests or relaxation in our beautiful climate. When considering the installation of an outdoor home theater, video or audio system, one has to make sure to carefully plan the system in order to achieve both high quality entertainment value without sacrificing durability.

Outdoor TV Installation

An outdoor TV system can be installed in both residential & commercial usages. These televisions will be weatherproofed to prevent water damage during rain. Beyond that, outdoor television viewing angles may be more difficult to plan for than an indoor home theater setup. An expert installation can find the perfect television for your particular situation – with both high quality durability, strong viewing angles and ample size for the space which you intend to use it for. Picking and installing the right television with the help of an expert can save costly repair bills in the future and can prevent the unfortunate necessity of replacing the television if it doesn’t end up suiting all of your needs properly.

Outdoor Audio Installation

Your outdoor speaker system can be durable, beautiful and sound great! While conventional indoor speakers may not be able to withstand the elements, the Coronado Home Theater team can help you pick out the perfect outdoor audio speakers that fit right in with your outdoor living space. With options that can blend into rocks above a hot tub or mix into a modern design with a more conventional look, you can design an outdoor audio system that fits any space. By careful planning of wiring rated for outdoor usage and the installation of high quality equipment, you can prevent future failures and maintenance bills!

If you’re in the San Diego area, get in touch with the Coronado Home Theater team today for more information on what we can do to transform your backyard into the outdoor audio & video space of your dreams.

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