We Design Home Audio Video Spaces

Every home is unique and every homeowner has a certain style. When it comes to designing home audio video with the space, we’ve found every space and need is different. It comes down to options as some people want their equipment on display, while in other homes furniture and decorations to take center stage. The look of your audio video probably also depends on the specific room you are in. However, whatever your preference or the space, the quality of your AV picture and your custom sound system should still be amazing. From the living area to a dedicated home theater, we’re offering the best solutions for fitting technology into your room or lifestyle.


Living Room

The living room is usually an area where the audio and video equipment shouldn’t be on display. While entertaining, it should be an area where your family or friends gather to watch television or listen to someones favorite music. Incorporating hidden technologies is an easy way to add quality equipment without having it on display.

For the Video Display, when you’re ready to watch something, your screen should be the focal point, but maybe not when you’re sitting and chatting. In this situation A mirror TV could be the right solution. Companies like Seura offer TVs that look and feel exactly like a mirror until you energize your TV Display. This way, even if you place your screen somewhere in the open, like over the fireplace mantle, it will look like decoration until you want to use it.

For the audio, perhaps you want to be immersed with a surround sound and feel. You could use hidden speakers that are custom fitted into the walls and ceilings. Custom In-wall speakers look just like a part of the surrounding wall and can even be painted or wallpapered. Traditional In-ceiling speakers typically look like a small air vent. Using this option, there will be sound dispersed from all around you, without any visual hindrance. You can have a surround sound experience without any big boxes on display.


Multi-Purpose Media Room

Maybe your family has its gamer, or its audiophile. Is there a way to bring entertain them all? With a multipurpose media room, we will create a space for every member of your family. Typically, these spaces are a little more equipment-heavy, and homeowners like to place them somewhere less centralized like a basement or den. However, there are plenty of ways to make the equipment mesh with the design or environment.

Let’s think of an example room: the seating area will point towards a television (or multiple televisions), hooked up to all the gaming consoles. But if you want to watch a movie, a projector and screen can descend from the ceiling, and the blackout shades can block out any natural light. Throughout the room are perfectly placed speakers that can be connected to multiple sources including the TV, projector, music streaming services and even vinyl.

The best way to keep this all organized is with smart home automation. With all the equipment on one system, you can switch from one mode to the other at the touch of the button. Work with an audio video professional to build your system and create the appropriate settings.


Dedicated Home Theater

Maybe you want to fully optimize one space for one activity. The beauty of a home theater is that every part of the space is engineered to enhance your viewing and listening experience. From the flooring to the acoustics, an audio professional will ensure that every aspect is working to immerse you in the film, television show, or game.

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You can also give your theater a unique twist. Many homeowners select a theme for their theater, like their favorite team or a drive-in theater. You can really make it your own.



Whatever your taste, if you want to have a quality home audio and video experience, it’s best to work with a professional. Contact Coronado Home Theater today to get started.


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