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What’s Better, a TV or Projector?

What produces the best viewing experience in your Coronado, home it starts with your home theater design. You want the best display with the highest viewing quality. The most common question – what is better: a 4K TV or a projector and screen? It all comes down to the viewing area and how much space you have for creating the right atmosphere for your entertainment space.


The idea is simple enough: A home theater provides a theater-like experience in your home.  A home theater can be as simple as a few Audio Video devices in your living area or as sophisticated as a completely renovated basement custom-designed to look like a real theater. At its core, a home theater system should provide a high-quality video experience along with an amazing audio experience that excites you into watching your favorite movies, but a number of factors lead to the end goal. The screen size and the basic home theater ingredients–from the AV equipment to the seating to the other room elements that will shape your perfect home theater.

Projector quality and a screen’s size matter. With the right screen and a 4K projector filling up your wall, you’ll feel like you’re at the local cinema. To consume less room we have retractable screens, we have screens for any room or venue it’s become less complex to adapt to different spaces. Screens can be automated with a button push so you can watch it retract into the ceiling, along with your projector when finished watching.


With all the new media you have to view the 4K Ultra HD televisions, whether it’s a small or large TV display, it’s a visual experience like no other. Televisions have come a long way so the anti-glare features allow you to place a TV anywhere in your home, regardless of how much light is in a room, and installing a TV is much easier than doing so for a projector and screen.

The cost advantage of TVs over a projector setup is that it also comes with streaming services such as Hulu or Netflix, and other built-in apps, along with built-in speakers making a TV ready to watch out of the box. There are so many other features that you can incorporate into a projector and screen setup, but if the price is an issue the TV is a great option over the Projector.

Televisions come with a lot of built-in features but since they produce their own lighting – sometimes it is hard to get a perfect picture in bright spaces – also your eyes can become strained after long exposure to the screens. It is also more costly when you go over 75″ and larger sizes.

Which one is best?

So many parameters, depending on your space and budget really dictate what way you go, Projector and screen or TV screen either choice is fine for a good quality entertainment system. However you decide to set up your home theater, we can design and install the proper components to enhance viewing and listening to make your next movie night one to remember.


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