What does It Take to Make a Smart Home Today?

Smart homes incorporate automation, one of the main characteristics of home automation is functionality. Automation refers to the ability to program and schedule events for the devices on the WiFi network. The programming is fit to your lifestyle in time-related commands, such as having your lights turn on when you arrive home or off without you thinking about it each day. It can include scheduled events or non-scheduled events, such as flashing all the lights on and off in your home when your security system is triggered.

As soon as you understand the possibilities of home automation and its scheduling, we will design several useful solutions to make your life better. We can make one-touch solutions activating the window letting in too much light. If your worried about the sun bleaching your wallpaper or sofa, with your motorized blinds we schedule programming it to close blinds at noon each day. Do you have a maid or someone come by to walk the dog? Through your home automation system, you can remotely unlock the front door for them, and lock it up again when they leave.

For you to understand the basics of home automation. “Smart homes” it comes down to efficiency and needs. What do you want from your smart home? We have all these crazy ideas introduced to us in popular TV shows but what do we need or want. As the sky is the limit when it comes to automation of devices. We have seen a cartoon series of The Jetsons to the modern home design seen in the Blacklist and Mr. Robot, these ideas may have sparked your interest in smart homes. Do you know what home automation could do for your Coronado, CA residence today?

What is a Smart Home?

Going back to the basics, what is a smart home and we wanted to start with the simplest questions. Modern-day technologies dictate what a smart home is, a residence with an interconnected group of wifi capable technologies and devices. These smart home products are integrated into a home automation system, like those from ELAN Home Systems. Using your one-touch control system, you can control or make adjustments to any of your integrated technologies. Elan Home systems provide abundant options when it comes to controlling your home or devices. Your endless choices from lighting switches on the walls, integrated touch panels throughout your home, your own smart devices like Ipads and Iphones, or even voice control by integrating Alexa your voice recognition device from Amazon Echo to the system.


Life in your new smart home, you will quickly see how automation makes your days more convenient. A  smart home equipped with lighting, heating, and smart devices that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer.” you can interface with your smart home through the Internet to make sure the hot tub is ready, the central heating is on, the curtains are drawn, and a gas fire is setting the mood in the living room when you get home. The way this is done is through the use of “scenes.” A scene is a collection of settings that you tend to use frequently. Most common, morning scenes tend to run on routine, so why not let technologies simplify your AM? Every weekday morning, have your motorized shades open at the time you need to wake you up, and naturally, allow the morning sun to help you out of bed. Also, control your lights along the path to your bathroom and kitchen so they will never be left on when your not home. Play your favorite music in the bathroom to help wake you jumpstart your day. Then, go to the kitchen, where your coffee will already be brewed and waiting.

What Technologies Can You Integrate into Your Smart Home?

Ten years ago, we could fully answer this question. Today there is not enough time to cover all the new and existing products of the Internet of Things in one blog. Plus, new products are emerging daily, like smart refrigerators and even smart toilets! But below, we will cover a few of the most popular integrated technologies.


  • Lighting Control: Lighting control and scenes allow you to easily set the right mood for any at-home scenario, whether you’re watching a movie or entertaining at dinner. A home’s illumination scene executed at the right time can impact its look and feel.
  • Motorized Shades: Adjust your home’s window coverings with the touch of a button. Use automation to help protect furniture from sun damage or prevent your home from overheating throughout the day.
  • Whole-Home Audio Video: Distributed audio and video means that it’s simple to watch your favorite show from your favorite source, whether that’s a streaming service or cable, or listen to music in any room. Easily control all of your home’s entertainment with one remote!


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  • Climate Control: Smart thermostats mean that you can keep your home at the most comfortable temperature at all times while using less energy.
  • Outdoor Entertainment: Weatherproof options go great on the patio or by the pool. Enjoy the lovely California weather while keeping up with your favorite shows and music.



We hope this blog made home automation a little more realistic. If you have further questions or want to start your next home project, contact Coronado Home Theater today.


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